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June 2016


The Impact is Significant to Gregory House Programs 

Community Residential Program (CRP), our transitional housing facility, will lose its funding this August. The program, started with Department of Housing & Urban Development funds in 2005, has been successfully renewed each year, until this year. HUD’s priority shifted to permanent housing and the Housing First model and its decision to cut funding also affected eight other Oahu programs and will affect more than 460 formerly homeless individuals.

Each year, CRP houses more than 20 homeless persons. Most of the residents are dealing with chemical dependency or behavioral health issues, or both, and quite likely also medically compromised. Many have a long history of being homeless and do not have the experience to maintain their own housing.

In addition to the important humanistic and social issues and impact around forcing these individuals to become homeless again, there is a real apparent public safety issue that is important for our local public officials to step up and find a way to provide the support needed to save this valuable program.

The Honolulu Star Advertiser has provided very important news coverage on these issues, including a well thought out Editorial highlighting the importance of these issues and how important it is for our public officials to act including our Govenor.




We are looking into several options to make sure that the residents do not end up back on the streets. If you wish to help, click here or the "Donate" button on left.